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Lucia Pazzi

To paint I use beeswax and Damar resin. And then I use fire, which shuffles the cards.

Lucia copia1.jpg

I don't plan my paintings, I just do them because the technique I've chosen doesn't expect me to know where I'm going: in a certain sense, we decide the destination together along the way.

I decide that a painting is finished when, quoting a friend, "I don't know what it is, but I like looking at it".

To paint is to free oneself from rational thought, it is to embark on a journey without boundaries, it is to let uncertainty suggest inspiration.


Do something "nice to look at".

Born in Verona and raised in Rome, Lucia Pazzi moved to Bologna in 1981 where  currently resides and works. Always looking to express "something beautiful to look at", professionally she has carried out various creative activities, from craftsmanship to event scenography, also becoming the author of books and conducting courses on the same topics. Free from work commitments, since 2017 she has decided to devote herself entirely to painting, choosing the modern Encaustic technique. After learning basic techniques from US artist Alicia Tormey (which is why her paintings have titles in English), she developed her own painting style, predominantly abstract non-representational. After spending a few years experimenting with the many potentials of encaustic painting, in 2023 he chose to make his work public for the first time in a personal exhibition, hosted at the Town Hall of Zola Predosa.

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